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The following is a list of items and/or documents that BIZDOC Capital typically requires from the applicant in order to complete the initial due diligence and approval process for a funding request.  Not all of the listed items and/or documents may be required from the applicant, however.  BIZDOC Capital will advise the applicant of what information is required after completion of an initial introductory call.  A few typical characteristics that determine the amount of information and/or documentation BIZDOC Capital will require in order to completed the due diligence and approval process are such items as: funding amount, length of time in business, whether there is collateral being pledged in order to secure funding, etc.  For more information, or to obtain a complete listing of information that will be required for your specific funding request, please contact BIZDOC Capital today.    

Legal Disclaimer: BIZDOC Capital Group is not a licensed securities broker or attorney.  The information contained within this site is neither a solicitation of investment nor an offer to sell and/or buy securities.  BIZDOC Capital Group is a business consulting firm that provides consultation to private parties.
Contact one of our consulting/financial professionals today to find out how BIZDOC Capital Group can help elevate your business to new heights!
  • Completed BIZDOC Capital Client Proposal & Service Agreement - This is a document which BIZDOC Capital will provide to all clients
  • Completed BIZDOC Capital $5K - $150K Credit Application or $150K+ Credit Application
  • Executive Summary or Business Plan
  • Applicant(s) Personal Financials Statement - 100% of the company ownership is required to be represented
  • Last Three Years of Business Tax Returns (if available)
  • Last Three Years of Personal Tax Returns
  • YTD Business Financials (if available) - i.e. balance sheet and P&L statement
  • Previous Year's Business Financials (if available) - i.e. balance sheet and P&L statement
  • Itemized Use of Funding List
  • Accounts Receivable Aging List - i.e. an aging list itemizing A/R's by 30/60/90/120+
  • Accounts Payable Aging List - i.e. an aging list itemizing A/P's by 30/60/90/120+
  • Last Three Years Rent Rolls (if available)
  • Itemized Asset List
  • Itemized Debt List
  • Last Six Months Credit Card Merchant Statements (if available)
  • Applicant(s) Personal Credit Report - BIZDOC Capital only accepts credit reports pulled from
  • Property Appraisal or BPO (broker price opinion) - This is only required if there is property being pledges as collateral or is part of the funding request 

Potential Funding Needs List