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Legal Disclaimer: BIZDOC Capital Group is not a licensed securities broker or attorney.  The information contained within this site is neither a solicitation of investment nor an offer to sell and/or buy securities.  BIZDOC Capital Group is a business consulting firm that provides consultation to private parties.

Contact one of our consulting/financial professionals today to find out how BIZDOC Capital Group can help elevate your business to new heights!

If you own a small or mid-cap business, you probably don’t have the need or the funds to employ a

full-time Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or Chief Financial Officer (CFO).  You and your staff accountant

most likely manage your finances on a regular basis.

However, there are times when the financial decisions of an experienced CEO/CFO can literally mean

the difference between success and failure.  That’s why we at BIZDOC Capital offer Interim C-Level

Executive Services for small and mid-sized businesses.

By temporarily employing the services of an Interim CEO/CFO on a part-time, special-project, or on

as-needed basis you get the experience and expertise of a top-level business and financial veteran

without ratcheting up your overhead.

An Elite Group of Interim CEO’s & CFO’s

Our Interim C-Level Executives are highly vetted.  Each has considerable operational experience and each has served as a CEO and/or CFO.  In combination, they claim decades of experience in all areas of business and industry.  Most have more than one educational degree.

Every member of this elite Interim CEO group is a seasoned, financial veteran who is dedicated fully to helping you meet your business objectives.

Characteristics of our CEO & CFO Members:

Each CEO & CFO Member…

  • Is a trusted and networked business professional, known and respected by his or her peers
  • Operates with the highest integrity, respecting your confidentiality and the rules and regulations of your business and industry
  • Works onsite or remotely for easy access and fast response
  • Is flexible in terms of working parameters
  • Is able to quickly identify and assess need for fast effective resolution

Our Interim CFO Services include:

  • Planning & Analysis
  • Executive Oversight & Accounting
  • Regulatory & Risk Management
  • Financial Process & Systems Improvement
  • Operational Optimization
  • Capital & Revenue Acquisition
  • Project Management
  • General Executive Consulting
  • And More

When Should You Consider Interim CEO/CFO Services?

When You (The Client) Are…

  • Starting a business or launching a spin-off?
  • Looking to diversify or sell your business?
  • Merging with or acquiring another business?
  • Seeking to have your business valued?
  • Experiencing significant or ongoing loss of business?
  • Downsizing, restructuring or recapitalizing your business?
  • Filing a bankruptcy?
  • Facing an audit, an SEC filing or complex tax preparation?
  • Conducting due diligence?
  • Structuring compensation plans, buy-sell agreements, non-competes or employment contracts?
  • Acquiring/leasing equipment, inventories, office or warehouse space?
  • Seeking venture capital or seeking to invest?
  • Considering an IPO?
  • Seeking a lender, a partner or strategic alliance?
  • Looking to optimize operations via financial process improvements, business and strategic planning, improved cash-flow management and financial reporting?
  • Seeking risk and regulatory solutions and expertise?
  • Transitioning between financial executives, accountants or consultants?

If you answered yes to any of the questions listed above, you should consider our Interim C-Level Services.  BIZDOC Capital proudly serves businesses located across the country. 

Leased CEO/CFO Services