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Legal Disclaimer: BIZDOC Capital Group is not a licensed securities broker or attorney.  The information contained within this site is neither a solicitation of investment nor an offer to sell and/or buy securities.  BIZDOC Capital Group is a business consulting firm that provides consultation to private parties.
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Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

Credit Based Loans

As the title suggests, credit based loans are primarily based off of the applicant(s) personal FICO scores.  Credit based loans and lines of credit are good options for those with start up businesses or those who do not have the cash flow or assets to pledge in order to secure other forms of financing.  The following is an example of one of our most popular credit based funding programs.

  • Funding amount between $25,000 to $150,000+ per client with no collateral required (co-signer is required for requests of $100,000 or more)

  • Revolving business credit lines offered with 0% - 2.99% introductory rates between 6 - 18 months.  Annual Percentage Rate (APR) ranges between 9.9% - 22.9%, and is contingent upon the credit worthiness of the applicant(s).  Average APR after promotional period expires is 11.9% (Individual applicant's credit profile will determine the APR and terms of each introductory period offer)

  • Funding turnaround time is between 14 - 21 business days from the time in which we (BIZDOC Capital) receive the completed funding application and supporting documentation

  • Start up and well established businesses accepted

  • Applicant(s) must have a 680+ average tri-merge FICO score

  • Applicant(s) must have less than a 50% utilization ratio on all current revolving lines of credit

  • Applicant(s) are required to have a minimum number of inquiries showing on their credit report for the last six months (the more inquires that are showing on an applicant's credit report the less likely it is that we will be able to maximize the applicant's potential funding amount)

  • When the applicant(s) approves of funding proposal the applicant(s) is required to keep their Credit Check Total account active throughout the funding process (this is so we can continue to monitor the applicant's credit throughout the funding process)

  • A funding status update and/or funding proposal will be given to the applicant(s) within 3 business days from the date in which BIZDOC Capital receives a full/complete Credit Check Total tri-merge credit report